Lighting Design

Food Store Lighting Design For Success

The Food & Beverage retail store, either as a full service deli or a cafeteria style food court, is a reflection of the quality and service level of the chain. Many Naples based food store lighting designers have the experience and skill to create an impressive ambiance in this high traffic area. In fact, depending on the size of the store and the type of merchandise they sell, some of the challenges include creating adequate space for the placement of checkout counters, caf, smoking areas, beverage dispensers and even lighting for special occasions. Any Naples, FL professional lighting design company can provide and advise on a wide variety of design options.

The design of the lighting fixtures must be in keeping with the image the business wishes to portray. For example, a Naples, FL professional lighting designer may choose to use fluorescent lights that give off a warm color temperature that complements the bright reds, oranges and yellows that are often used for advertising. This type of light source is not only attractive to the customer but also easy to implement when it comes to fixtures. Another popular choice is a fluorescent ceiling fixture because it is extremely bright and casts a very clean outline on the ceiling. This is a great option for an bakery because it creates an excellent level of lighting without being overly intrusive.

The placement of the tables in a Naples, FL food court setting is another important consideration. Most customers enter the food court expecting to find a buffet, which provides the basis for the design of the Naples lighting design company. However, if the customers want to sit at a table and enjoy their own snacks, the appropriate lighting level should be chosen. Generally, tables are placed at a height that is comfortable for the customer to eat at while paying for their food, which helps them to relax while taking their bite.

Lighting for a Naples, FL bakery should be designed to provide a comfortable working environment. While the clientele will generally choose a bright, cheerful palette for their Naples, FL food store lighting design, the baker will select a different color temperature to set the right mood. Bright blue is often associated with customers who are in the mood to eat or beverages such as coffee, and it is appropriate to use this hue to help them feel confident while they are eating. The darker blue colors, which are often associated with the baking of baked treats, help the bakery’s employees to see when it is time to deliver more food or desserts to their table.

Different types of candles are available for sale in a Naples, FL food court, which helps to provide a relaxing atmosphere while the bakers and pastry chefs are preparing their items. Candles are designed with a specific purpose in mind, which is one reason why professional lighting is so crucial to the success of any business, regardless of its size. Whether the customer enters the Naples, FL market place through the drive-through or an online purchase, the light environment created by the candles will help them to feel relaxed while they wait. Candles that are displayed on end tables, near seating areas, or hanging from the ceiling are all effective options, depending upon the space that is available. A Naples, FL bakery owner may want to consider using red velvet or specialty candles as lighting fixtures in order to create an ambiance that is classy yet charming.

Any Naples, FL shopping center or bakery must use effective lighting design techniques to make sure that the customer is kept informed about current special offers and events, as well as helping them to locate items on their shopping list. The lighting effects that work best in Naples, FL include task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting focuses lights upon the tasks that people perform at the store such as checking out products, paying bills, or moving items. Ambient lighting aids shoppers in many ways, and is not dependent on any specific color temperature. In short, the right Naples, FL restaurant lighting design can help a resto or other business succeed in the difficult business of retail food business.